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current position on 11.01.2015: Back home, Switzerland

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We were
615 days, this are
87 weeks and 6 days
or 14'760 hours
or 885'600 minutes
or 53'136'000 seconds

on the road

11.01.2015 - Last report

In the meantime we adjusted to the Swiss climate, the food and being back home. The last report is written and uploaded. Have fun reading it.
We like to say thank you to all the people who read our inputs on the website and for all the entries in our guestbooks. We loved to read them.
If you arrive on our website and have questions, we are still available via our e-mail-address:

Cheers Nadja & Pascal

Zitat von John Steinbeck (1902 - 1968):
Jede Reise ist wie ein eigenständiges Wesen;
keine gleicht der anderen

25.12.2014 - We are back home

on December 19th we landed with the Airplane in Switzerland. After 2 more days on the bicycles we arrived finally back home, where we got a warm welcome from our friends. Thanks to all of you for the very warm welcome. Since December 21st we are adjusting us to be back home (which is not so difficult for us) and we are enjoying the Swiss Dishes (which is not difficult either). In the next days we are going to write our last report and we like to finish our website.

13.12.2014 - Final spurt....

4 days left, then we are boarding the plane which brings us back to Europe and finally to Switzerland. Until this day we have to pack our staff, Pascal has to go to the Physio, Nadja has to work and we are saying good bye to friends.
We are looking forward to land in cooler Switzerland, here we have temperatures over 30 degrees celsius. See you soon :-)

07.12.2014 - Plan change....

After another try on the bicycle, Pascal hat to turn back after 75 kilometers heading north. The knee still made problems. After another doctor visit the mood wasn't better. There was not much hope of continuing. So we had to decide what we will do? We decided, changed our plane tickets and we'll arrive on December 21st in Bern.
The end of our trip is not like expected and Pascal had to give up his dream to ride trough Argentina and over the andes. Anyway we look positively back on our 20 months trip and are looking forward to spend christmas with our families back home.

30.11.2014 - Rest for Pascals knee and trip to Mendoza

After the diagnosis of Pascals knee he had to give his knee a 10 day rest. He got as well some medicaments and he had to cool his knee regularly. That's why we decided to do a trip to Mendoza, together with Jörg. Tomorrow, Pascal is going to pack his bags again, because he likes to keep on rolling on his bicycle from december 3rd on.
The new report and the pictures are online.

22.11.2014 - visit from Switzerland and the fight with the knee

Nadja enjoyed the time with Jörg, the visit from Switzerland, while Pascal was fighting with his knee. It was so bad, that the had to decide to take the Bus to Buenos Aires, where he went to the doctor, take medicins and has to give his knee some rest.

12.11.2014 - together again, in Patagonia

Nadja just decided 2 days ago, to fly from Buenos Aires to Rio Gallegos to visit Pascal. We are now enjoying some days together in the windy and cool Patagonia.
On november 14th, Nadja is flying back to Buenos Aires, while Pascal continues cycling on Ruta 3 towards the north.

05.11.2014 - drop of temperature and different conditions

After high temperatures and flat roads in Florida, Tierra del Fuego greeted Pascal with mountain stages, rain, and minus temperatures.... while Nadja is enjoying the beautiful spring weather in Buenos Aires, after some rainy days.
The new report and the pictures are online. Enjoy!

01.11.2014 - Adventure South America

After over 5 hours delay, our plane took off in Santiago de Chile and we landed in Buenos Aires by evening, where Jorge was already waiting for us. At their home Maria Marta greeted us as well (she was originally awaiting us for teatime :-). The time we spent together went fast and yesterday we had to say goodbye to each other. Pascal flew with bicycle and luggage to Ushuaia, while Nadja stays in Buenos Aires. But the break won't glady be 3 months. We already fixed some meeting points :-).

28.10.2014 - Little "cultural shock"

After enjoying our lasts days in Miami Beach, between Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, Corvettes etc. - even driving the new Corvette Stingray - our arrival in Santiago de Chile bestew us a little cultural shock. Not only, that the words aren't going easy over our lips anymore, we can't even find the stores we are used to, the traffic is more chaotic and we are running like crazy chickens trough the city in hope to find a good restaurant to eat.
Eventough we are looking forward to the time we'll spend in South America. Tomorrow we will fly to Buenos Aires, where we will spend some days together before Pascals Adventure South America starts.

23.10.2014 - Living la vida loca in Miami

Again, the time is running.... Even some parts of the Airport were closed due to a bomb scare, the Swiss Machine landed and I could embosom Janine after a long time. It was great to have again a girls vacation after 1 1/2 years.... talking, shopping, laughing, relax, drink and and and.... Yesterday Pascal arrived as well by bicycle in Miami. Now we enjoy the last hours together, before Janine is boarding the airplane back to Switzerland.
Pascal and I are staying a few more days in Miami, before taking the plane to South America. Goodbye America, Welcome South America.

15.10.2014 - 1 night in Mississippi, 2 nights in Alabama and now in Florida

After some more hot and demanding days, Nadja decided in Pensacola to stop cycling (after we reached 22'000 kilometers) and release her bicycle to the state "retirement" - at least for a certain time :-).
Now we have to clean and pack the bicycle in a box, then taking the bus to Miami, where Janine arrives on october 17th. Yes! While Nadja is enjoying some girls-vacation, Pascal is pedalling down to Miami, where he arrives around october 23rd.

09.10.2014 - After some eventful days, we arrived in New Orleans

After really hot and humid days with some ups and downs - not only on the road - we arrived in New Orleans. We really needed some rest. After one night on a Party-Campground and one night beside a pump which always switched on and off, we were really looking forward to get some rest.... This was unfortunately not the case. The Campground in New Orleans is really nice, if there were not the railway-track beside our tent and a very busy highway (with some nightly motorbike-races) just 200 meters away and if there were no street-lamp just ahead of us, which makes night to day..... Tomorrow, with no real rest, we are heading towards Tallahassee, Florida.

02.10.2014 - Bye, bye Houston - on our way to Florida

After 3 wonderful weeks in and around Houston, today we had to say Goodbye. From tomorrow on we are back on our bicycles, heading towards Florida. We are looking forward to our last together-cycling-part in in America. You can read about our time at Chicken Diaries, Nicole and Scotts Wedding and other nice experiences in our freshly uploaded report. As usual we uploaded as well the pictures. Have fun reading and watching them.

29.09.2014 - Time is running....

On September 23rd we finished our stay at Chicken Diaries, where we have had a great time with Suzanne, Ron and the animals. Scott picked us up that day and we brought our bicycles to Webster, Texas. Until today we did trips to Clear Lake and Canyon Lake, we visited Gruene, attend Nicole and Scotts Wedding and visited the State Capital in Austin. Two more days with them before we ried our bicycles towards Florida.

18.09.2014 - Time for an update...

Since 10 days we are in Manvel at Chicken Diaries. We enjoy our time here and we did already quite a bit, we experienced and learned a lot. Every morning starts a 7 am with feeding the animals (Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Donkey, Goat and a dog), after that we paint, doing some repairs around the Chicken Yard, mowing the lawn and to gussy up the Classroom-Floor. In the late afternoons and evenings we did some trips, for example to the Miller Outdoor Theater, NVC-Groupmeetings and to know the surrounding area. The time is running fast and already on Thuesday we leave the place to go to Nicole and Scott :-).

09.09.2014 - 20'000 km, 21'000 km by hot temperature and a lot of headwind.

After almost 3'000 kilometers in 34 day by hot temperature and headwind, we arrived exhausted but healthy in Manvel, near Houston at Chicken Diaries.
We just reached the 20'000 as well as the 21'000 kilometers. Now we put our bicycles away for the next 2 weeks and are volounteering at Chicken Diaries.
What we are doing and how we are you'll get to know here on our website :) and by the way the new report and the pictures are online.

01.09.2014 - headwind and a relaxing break day

On time for our 2nd weeding anniversary (church) and after 842 kilometers in 8 days, we arrived in Sweetwater where we have 1 day to relax. Tomorrow we are heading towards Houston.
The landscape here is pretty flat, but we fight against strong headwind a temperatures up to 50 degrees celsius under the sun.

27.08.2014 - Green Chili and nice company at our anniversary

On August 23rd, we spent our 2nd anniversary (civil) with Karen and Crog by Green Chili and Margarita. Since August 24rd we are back on the road and just before our next State Texas.

22.08.2014 - Arrived in Santa Fe and it's raining....

Yesterday we arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the driest regions in the USA and it's raining.....
Tomorrow it's going further, apparently with sunny weather :-) Direction Texas.

19.08.2014 - 19'000 kilometers, 9000 feet, Sand Dunes and strong headwind

We just reached 19'000 kilometers. On the way to southern Colorado, trough beautiful mountain landscapes, over another 9'000 feet, to Sand Dunes between mountains and trough a long valley with a strong headwind.
Tomorrow we'll ride towards New Mexico, our 4th State in the USA.

11.08.2014 - Third State in the USA and a 2 days break

After our legs got used to cycle again, we are having another break. During this break, we have to renew or exchange some of our gear and we like to watch Movies in the Cinema as well just sleep in.... After that we are heading to the warmer, if not hot region New Mexico and Texas.

07.08.2014 - Cabin-Style, Woodfiller, Rum Cola und 357er Magnum

After a interesting and incredible month at the Peter Hansen Ranch we are now back on our bicycles. The first day was already a exhausting day.... after a monthly break we had to climb over 1'300 altidude difference. But it was worth the effort. We rode our highest pass so far on our travel - 3'313 meters above sealevel.
From now on we will report again more often. In Laramie we uploaded the new report and the pictures. Have fun reading and watching them.

07.07.2014 - We take a break - new report and pictures online

After an intensive but beautiful month on our bicycles trough Alberta Canada, Montana and Wyoming USA, we arrived in Rawlins. 60 kilometers away from here in the mountains, we'll get our bicycles and legs a rest. As it looks like, we won't have any cellphone reception neither Internet. So it could be that our website won't be updated during those 4 weeks.
That's one of the reasons, why we finished today the report and picked the pictures to upload on our Site.
Around August 4th we'll be back on our bicycles and online again. In the meantime we wish you a beautiful and sunny July.

01.07.2014 - And the wild, wild West.....

After 3 days of rain, hail, sun, minus degrees and beautiful landscape in Yellowstone National Park, we arrived in Cody. Cody was named after Buffalo Bill, his real name was William Frederick Cody. Here we are going to watch the soccer game Switzerland against Argentina, visit our first Stampede and enjoy the sun.

25.06.2014 - Just before the Yellowstone National Park

After the weather got better, we got back on our bicycles and drove over hills to Browning, further to Great Falls and then trough a spectacular Lewis & Clark Nationalforest to Livingston.
On our restday, we were watching the soccer game Switzerland against Honduras. Hattrick olé :-).

18.06.2014 - we are stucked...

We are right now in St Mary, which is about 1'300 meters above sealevel and since 2 1/2 days it's raining cats and dogs. And it's really cold too. Today the thermometer showed not more than 4 degres celsius. Even the snow came down to 1'400 meters. Cycling under those circumstances was not possible (some roads were flooded as well), that's why we had 2 unexpected rest-days. We hope to move on tomorrow.

15.06.2014 - Before the border to the USA and a new report

We are, with US-Visa in our Passport :-), more or less 70 kilometers away from the border to the USA. The temperature is low and it's raining a lot. In contrast of all this nice and warmhearted encounters we experience here day by day. Today, we have had a rest-day because of the weather wrote the last report, prepared the pictures and uploaded everything on our website. Have fun reading and looking at them.

10.06.2014 - Back on our bicycles, heading towards Calgary and the USA?

This morning we left the Family Poulsen. Two very nice, interesting and informative weeks are over and we are back on our bicycles heading towards Calgary where we hope to pick up our US-Visas. The day-crime thriller about our day at the US-Embassy is uploaded. Have fun while reading. The report about the last 4 weeks and the pictures will follow soon.

h1>04.06.2014 - Arrived in the Prarie of Alberta and already experienced a lot

One week before yesterday we arrived in Three Hills and experienced already quite a bit with the Family Poulsen. We like it here and enjoy the break of cycling. Yesterday we got a visit from Vancouver Island, which we were really pleased about.
We had to postpone our day-crime thriller, because it's always a lot going on here and we didn't found time yet. But we try hard to write and upload it in the next days.

24.05.2014 - US-Visa ordered and on the way to Three Hills

It took us some time to update our site. The reason is the preparation of our US-Visa for our appointment on May, 22nd. The day came and we won't forget it. More about this day-crime thriller in a separate report which will be uploaded in the next days.
And we are on the way to Three Hills, where we are staying for about 2 Weeks with Family Poulsen.

17.05.2014 - In Golden beetween the Mountain Ranges

We passed the Columbia Mountainrange and a part of the Rocky Mountains too. We are now in Golden, where we take a rest before heading up to Lake Louise.
The report of our stay in Paxton Valley and the pictures are uploaded. Enjoy!

13.05.2014 - Back on the road & Breaking News

Since 3 days we are back on our bicycles and try to get our fitness back :-). We already experienced a lot in the first 3 days but in our minds we are still on the farm with Julia, Scott and the 2 dogs.
And we book our flight back to somewhere in Europe, where we land on January, 23rd 2015. More details later.

09.05.2014 - It's hard to say good bye & do a good turn daily

Today it's raining and that's exactly how we feel. The day arrive, where we have to say good bye to this beautiful place. But we say: See you! We spent an incredible beautiful month at Julia & Scotts Farm. Now, for the next 2 weeks we will be riding our bicycles to Calgary.
Do a good turn daily: If you like to support a good project, we can recommend you Alex project. We met him in New Zealand and donated too. He will be glad for every amount. click here for more information

24.04.2014 - Report and Pictures online

We found time, beside long walks with Tobi and Tessie, taking care of the hens and other small things, to write the last report and upload the pictures. Have fun reading and watching them.

18.04.2014 - Movie 1 year on the road with our bicycles

One year we are now on the road and we saw and experienced a lot. We are answering 10 questions in a little movie about this year (it's only in Swiss German). Have fun while watching. click here to see the movie

15.04.2014 - 1 year on the road and we live one of our dreams

Since 365 days we are on the road and we covered already 3/4 of the world. How the year was for us and what we have to say about, you'll see in the next few days on this site.
In the meantime we arrived on Scott and Julias Farm, close to Kamloops and we enjoy our cycling-timeout in Canadas Wilderness. Our cycling-muscels are getting a rest, while we use the walking-muscels as we are going for long walks with Tessi and Tobi, the 2 dogs.
We really enjoy the time here as this is one of our dreams which came true.

09.04.2014 - 44 hours Sunday and a warm wellcome to Canada

On 06.04.2014, our departure day we realized that they changed the clock in New Zealand to Winter Time. So we got 1 more hour to enjoy in the country. On this wunderful and sunny day we cleaned our Campervan, packed our luggage and took the bicycles apart. After 13 hours of a bumpy flight with Air New Zealand it was time to say Good Bye New Zealand, Welcome to Canada. The clock we had to turn backwards to 06.04.2014, 2:00 pm. At the end of the day our Sunday, 06.04.2014 was 44 hours long - the longest Sunday in our whole life. We entered to Canada without problems and some minutes later we found ourselves on the ferry to Vancouver Island with all our luggage. Steve and Cathy invited us to stay at their house for some days. We met Steve in our Hotel in Hué, Vietnam for 5 minutes just before we rode our bicycles to Hoi An. We exchanged by this time e-mail-addresses. Some days prior to our arrival in Canada he wrote us to confirm their invitation.
We were cordially recieved by them and their children and spent 3 incredible beautiful days with them. At this point we would like to thank you very much for all you did. We really enjoyed our stay at your place.
Right now we are on the ferry back to Vancouver, from where the Bus takes us to Westank. And the following 2 days we cycle to Kamloops.

06.04.2014 - Back in Auckland - where we started, now it's time for a change...

After we were together again, we took the the Bus to Auckland. We really wanted to explore Northland. So we rented a Campervan for 6 days. We wouldn't have had enough time to do it by bicycle and it was a nice change too.
With our "Mighty" we drove far north to Cape Reinga, went to 90 Miles-Beach, visited Kauri Forests and the Bay of Islands, we were searching for Glow-Wormes and Kiwis during a night walk and, and, and...
Now the day arrived, the 6th of April. The day where we have to say Good-Bye to New Zealand. An incredible beautiful country, where we would like to come back one time. With a sad and a happy eye we will board the Airplane today. We are sad that we didn't have had more time in this beautiful country but also happy, because of our next destination: Canada.

30.03.2014 - back on the North Island - we separate....

On March 28th we arrived well in Wellington by ferry from the South Island.
And we decided to separate us for 2 days. Pascal took the bus to Stratford and from there he cycles the Forgotten Highway to Taumarunui and further to Turangi. While Nadja was taking the bus directly to Turangi, where she is reading books and relaxing until Pascal arrives and then we are heading together northwards - This is a taste how it will be in South America, we have never been separated for more than some hours since we started our trip......
The new report and the pictures are online. Have fun!

23.03.2014 - article in Veloplus Aktuell & arrived in sunny Nelson

For the spring-Veloplus Aktuell we were asked to describe one part of our trip, what we did with pleasure. We think the result is great. click here to read the article

From Fox Glacier we were cycling northward to Westport, along the West Coast. Because of a lack of time, from there we took a Bus to Nelson. Here we use the time to wash our clothes, giving our legs a rest and doing all the organisational things. On March 26th we are cycling to Picton and from there with the ferry back to the North Island.

16.03.2014 - On the west coast of the South Island

After we left Te Anau, we were cycling over a stunning road via Mavoral Lakes to the south of Lake Wakatipu. We crossed the lake with a 101-years old Steamship, which brought us to Queenstown. From there we were cycling over the Crown Range (Pass 1076 meters over sealevel) to Wanaka and over the Haast Pass (Pass 563 meters over sealevel) to Haast Village and further to Fox Glacier.

05.03.2014 - The Swiss New Zealand

After some easy, but very rainy and windy days, we arrived on the West Coast, in Te Anau.The beautiful lakes are surrounded by 2000 meter Mountains. For the first time we feel a bit like being back home. We enjoy after several days of rain a beautiful and sunny day. Tomorrow we visit Milford Sound and on March 7th we start the Kepler Track.

28.02.2014 - In the South.... it's going towards north...

After incredible beautiful and sometimes difficult days because of the weather we arrived in Invercargill. We enjoyed the last days on and beside our bicycles very much. In Invercargill we wrote our new report and uploaded the pictures. Have fun reading the report and watching our pictures.

17.02.2014 - Relaxing after the Molesworth Trail

After the very demanding but peaceful and stunning Molesworth Trail and an unexpected daybreak in Hanmer Springs, we arrived after 2 nice days of cycling in Christchurch. Today we like to visit the City and tomorrow we are heading to Dunedin.

09.02.2014 - on the South Island

After some days of turbulences, we arrived on the South Island. We are looking forward to climb some more hills and the following downhills :). The new report and the pictures are online. Our riding statistic is up to date too. Have fun reading the report and looking our pictures.

03.02.2014 - Arrived in the Wine Region of Hawke's Bay

After our legs got a day of rest in Rotorua, we started direction South. The first days we cycled trough beautiful landscape and some hills. On January 29th we drove from Opotiki trough a beautiful gorge and a 700 meter hill towards the eastcoast of the North Island, to Gisborne. After that along the coast over many hills further to Bay View where the wine Region of Hawke's Bay starts. After all this effort we were looking forward to drin some wine, so we already had a great evening with a Swiss Couple (Winefarmer from the western part of Switzerland) by having a great meal and local wines.

26.01.2014 - The first hills are behind us

We just let some hills of New Zealand behind us (there were a few), but there are still many before us. After visting Hobbiton in Matama and having a rest today in Rotorua, tomorrow we'll ride back to the east coast and following this down south towards Wellington.

20.01.2014 - Back on the Road - we love Kiwis

After bringing our bicycles to the mechanic in Auckland we started our trip in New Zealand with almost new bicycles and we already climbed some hills. It feels really good being back on 2 wheels and riding trough unique landscape. Since we landed in New Zealand we are in love with the country and its people and we know already today: we love Kiwis :-)
Today on our rest day we updated our planned route - part 2.
Now back on the road, we will update our website more often.

09.01.2014 - Good bye Asia, Welcome Australia

We spent some great days with Karin and Hämpu in Vietnam. As usual, the time was running fast and we had to say goodbye. But this time not only from people, also from a Continent. After 4 months in Asia we left it and arrived on the Continent Australia. The last 2 days we were in Wye River at the Great Ocean Road, with Jenny and Bruce which we met on the Donau Cycle Path in Germany. Today we spent 1 day in Melbourne and tomorrow our plane will take us to Auckland, New Zealand. The next 3 months we are cycling boths islands. We are really looking forward. Back on the road, back on the wheels :).
The report and the pictures of our beach-holidays are now online.

06.12.2013 - Termination Asia on bicyles and plans for the future

After we stored our bicycles and most of our luggage in a Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, we took the plane to Thailand. Here we are enjoying for the next 2 weeks Beach Holidays. We are looking forward to read books, Diving, Snorkling and giving our legs some rest (we will see if we still can do that :).
With this holiday and the following with Karin and Hämpu in Mui Né, Vietnam we finish our time in Asia. Next year, on january 6th the plane will bring us via Melbourne to Auckland. During 3 months we are discovering boths islands on our bicylces and in our trekking shoes. Afterwards our trip will continue in Vancouver, Canada where we land on April 6th. We plan to drive from there, via Vancouver Islands up north to Kamloops. From there cycling to Calgary and southwards trough Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico to Houston, Texas where we visit Nicole. And then from Houston to Miami from where we take the plane to South America.
The report of our last stage in Asia and the pictures are uploaded. Have fun while reading and looking.

01.12.2013 - final stage Asia up to Dalat

As final stage for Asia we climbed today another mountain. From Tan Son, 120 meter over sealevel to Dalat, 1'535 meter over sealevel. In beetween we had some hills to drive, which made us to climb 1'833 of altitude difference. With this day we finish our 2nd big stage with 11'025 kilometers.
Tomorrow we are taking the bus to Ho Chi Minh City and after tomorrow the plane to Bangkok. In Thailand we are going to have our first beach holidays on this trip and we will try to tan the white places on our body :).
The report and pictures are beeing uploaded in the next days.

25.11.2013 - on the way to Ho Chi Minh City

On November 19th we arrived in Hué. The next day we drove over the Cloud-Pass to Danang and then to Hoi An, where we met Tim and Buggi, 2 cyclists we met first in Hungary (in Mai 2013). With those 2 we had a great relaxing time in Hoi An. On November 24th we drove south to Quang Ngai, where we met Thesi from Switzerland (we did the same Bicycle-repairing-course by Veloplus in Ostermundigen last year). With her we spent a nice and funny evening. Today we drove more south, heading towards Ho Chi Minh City.

16.11.2013 - on the road with some handicaps

After the Taifun came to Vietnam with reduced power and we didn't notice more than heavy rainfall and wind, on the 13th of November 2013 we got back on our bicycles towards Saigon. The weather was quite good, but the traffic and Nadjas stomach worried us. That's the reason why we took a break today in Dien Chau.
Nadjas stomach ist better, but anyway we are going to change our planned route - because of the traffic/the landscape and because of the flooding in Central Vietnam. For this reason we drive tomorrow only to the next big city Vinh, where we take our time to replan our route. More details in the next travel report.

10.11.2013 - special report "Bicycle-Mistery Story" and Hanoi

After our "Bicycle-Mistery Story" from Shanghai to Hong Kong, we arrived very happy on November 5th in Hanoi. Matthias and Evelyn, which flew from Hoi An to Hanoi were already waiting for us at the Airport. We spent some great days with them in Hanoi and Halong Bay before they left for the south. Today Pascal prepares the bicycles for our next journey, while Nadja is writing and uploading the special report "Bicycle-Mistery Story.
It's planned, that we are getting back on our bicycles after-tomorrow (November 12th) and are leaving Hanoi for the south - always with an eye on typhoon Haiyan what he is doing.

04.11.2013 - Hong Kong - hopefully soon in Hanoi

We arrived on the 02.11.2013 as planned in Hong Kong. We left China and entered to Hong Kong without any problems. Now, we ar just waiting for our Bicycles. It was planned that they arrive today, but unfortunately it seems that their departure, resp. entry was not as problem-free as ours. They didn't arrive today and we now hope that they will arrive until tomorrow morning. If no we have to reschedule our flight to Hanoi. So we are waiting and hoping....
The new report and the photos are now online.

30.10.2013 - In Shanghai - Now we have "Bicycle-Holidays"

The day before yesterday, we arrived after 5 other riding days in Shanghai where we first had a good night's rest. Then we organised train tickets for us and the transport for our bicycles to Hong Kong. Today we bought 2 boxes for our bicycles and Pascal is now cleaning and taking them apart to pack into the boxes (which seems not to be that easy, because the boxes are a little bit smaller than ours back home....). Meanwhile Nadja is doing all the administrative work and the Homepage. The 1st of November we are leaving to Hong Kong - where we also put the new report on our website - and then, on November 5th we take a plane to Hanoi where we are meeting our friends Matthias and Evelyn from Germany. We are now enjoying our "Bicylce-Holidays".

23.10.2013 - Arrived in Lianyungang

Yesterday, we arrived after 6 intensive days of cycling in Lianyungang, where we have now a 1 day rest to clean our bicycles and to actualize our homepage (including the translation to English... designed to improve :-).
Tomorrow we will heading to Shanghai, where we should arrive around October 29.